Since 1996 Creswick Quartz has been conducting its quartz operations at Creswick/Smeaton Victoria.

The activities of the company involve the processing of quartz from old mines tailings being remnants of the gold rush in the 1800s and early 1900s in Western Victoria. Creswick Quartz screens material removed from the tailings heaps, washes the aggregate and crushes quartz. The process also involves the selection of material suitable for sale. The site of the company’s crushing plant has been in continuous operation since the 1930s. In addition to owning its processing facilities, the company also owns its own significant resource all of which is above ground. It proposes to expand this resource to meet demand and is presently evaluating below ground extraction.

The first capital works of the company involved a program to rebuild the crushing plant to make a more efficient operation and to ensure compliance with Occupational Health and Safety issues; and to establish its screening washing plant on a separate site belonging to the company. The company then focused its energies on the processing of the quartz to ensure a high quality crushed/aggregate quartz was produced. By working with the customers closely and observing very specific quality issues and implementing necessary controls the company now produces consistent high quality quartz products.

Creswick Quartz supplies various diverse industries that have come to rely on the product. Some of those customers include, nurseries, sand and soil yards, cement companies, and a vast array of industries. Such industries include glass manufacture, composite stone, silicon metal, water filtration, ceramics and agricultural. Creswick Quartz is now supplying markets outside of Victoria. It will continue to focus its energies to supplying its customers throughout Australia and elsewhere.

Creswick Quartz is committed to a long term strategy to increase its manufacturing output and continue to supply premium quartz products.